Virtual Bowling Equipment

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Virtual Bowling Equipment

Product Description

XIMA Simulate (Virtual) Bowling Equipment use real ball, real bowling synthetic lane, real ball return system and real scoring system. The scoring system and control system have Chinese and English version. When the bowler thrown the ball to synthetic lane, the infrared detection system install end of bowling lane will detect the bowling ball's speed, position and movement direction, then the computer will calculate the follow up movement on the bowling lane and simulate the ball hitting bowling pins process via physical model on the basis of real time, and this dynamic process will be displayed on 80 inches rear projection screen which install on the end of bowling lane. Display these simulate movement use three dimensional technology. This technology make player have lifelike feeling.

Save Space. Real Bowling alley width 1.73 meters and length is 29-31 meters.
Simulate (Virtual) bowling alley width 1.73 meters and length is 8-11.3 meters.
Save power and low noise. Real Bowling equipment have 5 motors it will use 3KW/Hour.
Simulate (Virtual) bowling lane have one rear projection screen it only use 0.5KW/Hour.
Real Pinsetter has noise. It is not suitable use in the above second floor.
Simulate (Virtual) bowling lane only have little noise.
Lifelike feeling.

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